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UK Web Hosting: International Transactions

International transactions are still an enigma. Between the customer and a UK web hosting company the money may go around the earth 4-5 times before reaching its destination. There are myriad exchange rates that a customer should understanding before diving into UK webhosting. In addition, there are legal and illegal ways of sending money out […]

Web hosting reviews

Before posting a web hosting review one has to be extremely careful since Internet is an open space and anybody and everybody can read your messages. The reviews you right would not only reflect the quality of service provided by the webhosting provider but it would also have a reflection on you as a customer. […]

Free Joomla Templates

The Joomla community magazine has many writers from all over the U.S. and around the world that contribute to the magazine each month. The writers are all members of the Joomla community which is made up of volunteers. There are many volunteers that contribute to the magazine and do more than just write. Some volunteers […]