Monthly Archives: April 2011

Why Do I Need cPanel Hosting?

One of the best things on the entire cPanel hosting system is the ability to access Fantastico (basic or Deluxe).  With this very flexible program, many things such as blogs, navigation tools for your site, and many other content management tools that you can experiment with and come up with the best page to suit […]

VPS Hosting Plans Available

Using a VPS hosting system, regardless of what hosting company is used, makes it possible to run whatever system you need to use to get your web sites up and running in a very quick time and enables you to use the scripts that you need to make everything work the way it is supposed […]

Reseller hosting liability

With reseller hosting, there is always a difficult question of liability that has to be answered. Clearly, there are no easy answers for it. This becomes even more complicated if the reselling infrastructure is distributed across geographies and different countries bounded by different sets of laws since there are no universal laws for the Internet […]