Greengeeks Review of Tutorials

Each member of greengeeks is provided with a list of tutorials along with their cPanel account. The tutorials are designed to help clients, answer their questions, and allow them to move forward with their hosting needs as their websites and businesses grow. A few examples of what the tutorials include are how to set up an e-mail account, how to use the cPanel system, and how to install scripts on their websites.

The greengeeks review tutorials are made up of videos and provide a way for people to walk through a number of steps. Greengeeks has a number of cPanel licenses which allows them access to these tutorials and allows their clients access to them as well. In addition to the video tutorials, greengeeks has an FAQ section on its website.

The FAQ section provides answers to frequently asked questions and is also set up using a walk through structure. Greengeeks separates its FAQ section into 4 parts, including knowledge based categories, latest articles, most popular articles and highest rated articles.

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